Hosting Services

The best hosting platform for your business

We will procure the best corporate hosting plans for your company, domain names, databases and email with the following characteristics:

  • UNLIMITED Storage
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • UNLIMITED Monthly Traffic
  • SQL Server and MySQL Databases
  • SSL Security System

Hosting Renewal Fee Reduction

Your hosting provider teased you with a wonderful 70% off in your first contract but then when you wanted to renew, stomped agains the full price? We can get you the best price available. 

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Website Migration

We know that hosting services are (sometimes) a headache but moving your site and/or domain is even worse. So here we are to help you. By migrating your site, you can improve your web features. Contact us to find out more.

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Site Statistics

Creating a nice website is just the first step towards your online presence goals, then you have to make smart decisions to keep your traffic growing, reach your customers target and make profit from the Cloud. We can set up advanced metrics and tracing systems like Google Analytics, AwStats y Webalizer.

Site Backup

Information is the most valuable asset in your business and we have solutions to get your data secured in your own site, an alternate location, the cloud and many other possibilities. Don’t take risks, take the phone and call us.