IT Consulting

Allow us to be the best ally to solve your business technology needs:

  • Our consulting services are aimed at helping companies to increase their online performance, managing changes in 3 main aspects: processes and business strategy, process automation through IT technologies, and finally, web design solutions, ease of use and SEO.
  • We can offer in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your web business as well as deliver a new business strategy. We can also help you select the proper methodology and IT development processes that fit your specific needs and assist you in planning and executing a professional web marketing strategy.

Process Automation

Have you noticed that your employees sometimes spend more time doing Copy-Paste or filling endless forms, than creating value to the business? Let us help you creating automatic tools to reduce manual work and be more productive.

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Project Management

We can help you to increase the sucess on your projects by becoming the link between the business and your development team. Using Agile Project Management methodologies like Scrum®, we will ensure you don’t waste your resources and that your goal will be even closer.

Data Analysis

We can help you get
relevant business information from any data source: Text format logs,
databases, CDRs, Excel files, etc. We can automate the extract of reports from
all those places. Information you can understand and make decisions with.

ITIL Implementation

ITIL is a
 of best practices
 facilitate the delivery of IT services. ITIL outlines an extensive set of management procedures designed to help organizations achieve quality and efficiency in IT operationsWe have extensive experience in its
implementation and
 control. Contact us for more information.