Process Automation

your company there are many manual processes using tools such as
Word, Excel , email, where your employees make forms, processtext files,
etc., to
 be updated weekly, monthly or annually. Usually these manual
processes are time consuming and prone to errors.

We offer automation solution for such processes, creating very easy to handle tools
that do not require complex infrastructure or servers to make them automatic as well as provide reports and analysis

To achieve this, we will understand the problem, we will study the processes that you want  to improve, the information and data sources and additional requirements in terms of storage, reports, constraints, etc.

on that research, we will develop a specific solution for every need. We can
use different tools including: Free software, business process automation (BPM) engines , Excel , Access, and batch processing tools, etc.

Problems of an organization with its non-automated processes:

  • Higher Costs for rework and low quality.
  • Increased activities without Value Added.
  • Too much Poor-Data Management Information.
  • Increased margin of error / fraud.
  • Negative Economic – Financial Impact.
  • Defocusing in Customer Satisfaction.
  • Excessive focus on the processes of each area.
  • No inclusion of the customer in the value chain.
  • Management concept: pull systems.
  • Difficulty in Integrated Management.

How we do it?

  1. Process Analysis: We understand your current business.
  2. Best process definition: We find the best process alternatives for your organization. 
  3. Process implementation: We use the tools that best fit your organization to automate your process. 

Examples of tools we have developed

Billing CDRs Processing:

Timesheets and human resources control:

Trace Analysis Automation:

Development Project Management tools:

Telephone Exchanges Alarm Monitoring: